»AMOIH« x Michael Laurello

This commissioned work for Repercussion & Chamber Orchestra shifts the view straight into the future!

We are very thankful to the commission-partners »Duisburger Philharmoniker« and »Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz« for supporting this vision of a piece of music!

The composition is a joint work of Michael Laurello and Repercussion to strengthen the style of our ensemble.

The extraordinary percussion instruments match perfectly with analog synthesizers, an effect-loaded vibraphone and traditional drums.
Pulsing rhythms merge with the colourful sounds of the orchestra.
Electronic elements impart the piece a modern, up-to-date sound design.

The background of the piece is a deep one, the intense name
»A matter of indescribable heartbreak« hints a certain feeling.

Laurello deals with the different fates caused by the pandemic.
The moving parts of the piece really express the dramatical situation of this time while allowing a glimmer of hope.

We can’t describe. 
You live to see it!