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»ORBITAL« x WDR Funkhausorchestra

»Orbital« is the name of the commissioned work for Repercussion x Orchestra x Electronics x Tape!

More than lucky to bring this piece to live with the help of the amazing WDR Funkhausorchestra & Gordon Hamilton – conductor & friend!

Orbital is a celebration!

It is the musical perspective of looking down at planet Earth and witnessing the whole of humanity at once.
It’s about looking down at planet Earth from a musical perspective and witnessing the whole of humanity at once. 

John creates a kind of mega-orchestra. An orchestra on steroids with Repercussion delivering vigorous muscular, exuberant youthful energy fronting the performance. Its’s a cross-over symphony. 

In the 20-minute work, Psathas integrated Repercussion’s idea of combining U- and E-music compositionally in order to attract a new generation of audiences with their more modern listening habits while sensitizing and inspiring them with for a „classical“ orchestral sound. 

Psathas‘ fusion of genres is enhanced by Repercussion’s „Audio Extensions“: these allow soloists to extend the sound of the classical instruments beyond whats familiar, using dynamic audio effects, thereby creating a new sonic language. 

„Granular synthesizers“ created from sound fragments of the classical instruments blend with spherical sound recordings. Extraordinary drums paired with electronic percussive sounds push the acoustic boundaries and point the way forward towards the future. 

Powerful, pulsating passages transform imperceptibly into lyrical melodies and make „Orbital“ a multi-faceted and entertaining experience. 

The uninhibited one-movement work combines styles, genres and the digital possibilities of the 21st century without losing sight of the high artistic standards of a „classical“ concert piece. 

Why not listen to an entire orchestra playing in reverse, if you can?